Recipes for Success: The ERP at The Center of the Plate

The digital age is entering a new era. For B2B manufacturers and distributors digital came of age when they connected their cross-functional business units through an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) tool. It was the height of the ERP-driven, integrated, online order management system.

Today, the ERP is still important, and serves as the foundation of all operations, and with that, represents the core system of digitized information and controlled processes that make up the business. However, B2B businesses need more to excel in the digital age. They need business process automation and better connectivity of data throughout various systems to power all touchpoints. They need to connect buyers and sellers digitally in order to compete.

They’re turning to partners to get more utility and functionality from that ERP, or single source of truth. Platform companies may not have the right fit for clients, and many ERPs were not designed for modern digital experiences. Partners have stepped in to help. They deliver what B2B customers increasingly demand: more relevant interactions, faster speed of conducting business, and reduction of friction. For clients, this translates into higher agility, increased customer loyalty, and ultimately increased sales.

Xngage, who specializes in digitalization of B2B operations, offers consultation and solutions to help accelerate digital operations, like automated bid-quoting, auto-replenishment, order and invoice creation, and inventory management to name only a few.

The Core of a Digital Operations Transformation

To deliver business impact and guide digital operational excellence, Xngage uses a four-pillar framework:

  • User Research & Experience to understand how B2B end-user customers search, shop, ship and leverage your organizational expertise - the core is people and preferences
  • Sales Enablement to improve how sellers engage with buyers - the core is integrated technical platforms
  • Business Process Optimization to improve key operations – the core is connected and automated processes
  • Driving Growth to create awareness and adoption so on Day One audiences use the new digital system as their 24x7 resource center – the core is insights and metrics

The ERP becomes the center of the digital ecosystem, paired with additional platform integrations, and whether it’s from Salesforce, Adobe, Epicor, or Infor, the goal is to unlock the data potential to best cater to your audiences and power the customer relationship.

Getting More Out of Your ERP

While your business services team and IT experts may already be adept, an outside view could yield some additional recommendations. One of our distribution clients shared that,

Even after months of planning, the Xngage Discovery Process was eye opening. We needed a partner to challenge us to think outside our traditional mindset, to help us see what the experience could be.


Designing for great user experiences, powered by the right technology, equates to better outcomes. Removing steps and costs in the customer journey means happier end-user customers. Reducing the burden of technology investments means better working capital. That’s why Xngage follows a rigorous system of people, process and then technology to drive business value. That's our tried-and-true recipe for digital commerce success. 

Want more recipes for success? This is the first in a series of blogs dedicated to digital transformations. In the meantime, check out our link to international culinary recipes from the chefs at Xngage. 


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